Wednesday, 12 July 2017


I've been subcribed to BIRCHBOX for 7 months now and it as someone who loves trying products from different brands, this was right up my street.

BIRCHBOX is a monthly subscription where you get sent a box every month with amazing products to try and if you like them, buy them! It's only £10 (+P&P) per month so it doesn't break the bank. In previous boxes I've received mini eye shadow palettes, Spectrum make up brushes and so much more. Every month, each box has a different design and I keep mine to use them as make up storage.

This month has been one of my favourites so far! This is what I got in this months box:

  • Tangle Teezer: Having used the Tangle Teezer before, I was so happy to have one in this months box. Having thick and easily tangled hair, using this helps me SO much in the morning when trying to get ready quickly. It literally glides through my normally very difficult to brush hair. It also has a handy cover on the bottom for when you're traveling so dirt doesn't get in it.
  • Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water: I'm always quite wary of some cleansers in case I break out after because I have such sensitive skin but this stuff left my skin feeling so smooth and left my skin glowing. It takes off make up so easily without having to really scrub.
  • Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery: I've not actually got round to using this yet! But the description on the information card in the box makes me want to use it ASAP. I'm always quite nervous when it comes to using certain leave in conditioners in case it leaves my hair greasy afterwards but this one asks you to smooth through dry hair, from root to tip, go to sleep then shampoo out in the morning. 5 days a week, I shower in the mornings so I wouldn't really have time to use this but I shall defiantly give it a try this weekend.
  • Native Unearthed Natural Mineral Deodorant: I was so excited when I saw this. It is a natural deodorant balm which contains anti-bacterial coconut oil. The arrow root makes sure it is absorbs fast for when you are on the go. I looooove the smell of this product. It is best used just after you have showered.
  • Benefit Cosmetics Gogo Tint Lip & Cheek Stain: I am a massive fan of Benefit and their products. I've actually got so many of these Benefit Lip & Cheek tints and I love them! They are highly pigmented and long lasting. If you want to use on your cheeks, you do have to act quickly when applying as it does dry quite quickly but I love using it as a lip stain.
  • Kensie Eau de Parfum: I'm so fussy when it comes to EDP's but this one is beautiful. It is a sweet scent of mandarin, rose, peach and vanilla with cedar to contrast. I like to apply to my neck as rubbing the wrists together actually ruins the EDP's scent completely, that goes for any EDP. This scent is perfect for summer! 
 I would defiantly recommend BirchBox. They are such a lovely and committed company who care about their customers. They offer such amazing deals and get awesome exclusives such as this months Kensie Parfum.



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